Anonymous asked: Hahahaha OMG your fanarts are so funny and cute, it makes me laugh so hard many times😂😂 I just find it now! Thank you so much and keep going ❤️ Fighting 💪💖

You just lighted up my day precious anon ♥ thank you!

ny-nj-cali asked: junhowl is right though, we really do love your art! Sorry if we don't tell you enough :s

awwww please don’t be sorry about that ; _ ;
and thank you sweetie, thank you all!!! 

junhowl asked: The airport fanarts are so cute and their thoughts so like what we'd expect from each of the tupiem members! :) Thanks for drawing that, and the other fanarts as well! ^___^

Thank YOU for appreciating my posts! Actually I never thought people would like what I do so you have no idea how much your love and support means to me. ♥

royalspoon asked: Your arts goes beyond perfection babe ♥

Does this count even if you’re biased? xD Someday I’m going to buy you a villa by the sea in California and a hedgehog y_y ♡

pinkyorchid2pm: how did Junho feel when Taec’s arm broke because of him?

I would never, ever have finished this post without nebel00ng, thank you so much sweetheart♥